Why is Your Logo Essential to Your Brand?

We can almost smell the fresh roasted Starbucks coffee when we see that green mermaid logo, and we can just about taste the warm McDonalds french fries when we see those famous golden arches. A good logo does much more for your brand than just act as a picture. It can cause someone to recall everything about you with a single image.

While many logos look simplistic, the psychology and thought behind it that caused it to grab your attention in the first place goes much deeper.

It Implants Your Brand

We don’t even need the word “Nike” to accompany its famous swoosh in order to know what the logo represents. That is brand recognition, and that should be a goal of every business. When establishing a brand, your goal is to appear in a consumer’s mind as much as possible. For example, if you are in the market of selling shoes or sports gear, you want your logo, in Nike’s case that swoosh, to enter a consumer’s mind at first thought of athleisure. The more of an impression your logo makes, the more likely your brand is to be recalled when a consumer needs your product or service.

It Provides a First Impression

Many consumers will see your logo before they see or know anything else about your organization. Your logo is likely the very first impression your company will make, and a sloppy or poorly designed logo can turn a potential customer away before a single marketing pitch can be delivered. People respond to a company’s logo from a psychological place without even realizing it. Your logo should say everything that a consumer needs for a first impression while still welcoming them to enter the website or brochure to learn more. It should be crisp and aesthetically pleasing on multiple layers.

It Helps Prevent Miscommunication

Take a minute to Google your own company. In the long list of searches, you will likely see your services, but you may also see a list of other companies that offer a similar product or service. Some of these companies may even rank higher than you on a search for your own company. The facts are, the game of Google searches and SEO has become a game of deception for many. Someone might Google your name and find themselves on someone else’s page because of the Google results. Your logo, and the brand recognition it initiates, will ensure that a customer knows whether they are on the right webpage when they are searching for your company.

Effective logo design requires knowledge of the field, familiarity with the company, and an understanding of the psychology behind the graphics.
If you are looking to design or redesign your company logo, trust an expert to best represent your brand. At Whitinger Strategic Services, we are passionate about the work we do to provide the best logos for the companies that choose to work with us. Contact us today and let us help you develop a logo that best represents your business.