What Do Customers Want When They Log on to Your Website?

First impressions can make or break a business. Leaders in every industry have known this for years, however, what they don’t know is in the age of growing technology, this first impression must take place in a matter of seven seconds.

This is an overwhelming thought when considering everything that a single business has to offer. Some companies can’t explain the intricacies of who they are and the work they do in seven hours, let alone seven seconds. With this thought comes to challenge of grabbing someone in these seven seconds to keep them onboard long enough to get a clear idea of who you are and how your business can meet their need. The only way to do this is through an effective website.

Though many people have left a website in this seven second period, few understand the psychology behind it all. In truth, every little detail plays a roll in this first impression, though three factors can make a huge difference in how long a person considers your company over the competition based on your site:

Cropped closeup of a clock on a wall.

High Speeds

We live in a busy culture where time is money. No one has any interest in wasting time or money while a page buffers away seconds from their day. While a few seconds may not seem like much, it has all the power in the world to cause potential customers to seek their needs elsewhere. Though this matter seems out of your control, the speed of your website can be managed and improved with effective website design and hosting.

Closeup of hands typing on a computer.

Clear Content

Not only do we live in a busy culture, but we live in one expects all necessary information to be expressed in 140-characters. We understand that there are many parts to your business, but in order to get people interested enough to dig deeper, you must capture them on the very first page. Your content should be clear to your mission so that a customer can understand the general arch of what you do in a short front-page paragraph.

Closeup of the top right side of a computer screen, showing the navigation of a website.

Easy Navigation

It is important to consider who will be on your site, and what device they will be using to navigate all you have to offer. Rarely is anyone going to willingly dig through a broken trail of pages to get where they are looking for, and especially if they are navigating your site with a phone or tablet. Internet now exists on far more mediums than the computer alone, and your website should accurately reflect this fact. Your site should be easy to navigate whether the user is on a phone, tablet, or computer.

We understand that the world of website design and the psychology behind it can be a tactful assignment to take on. Let Whitinger Strategic Services take it on for you.
Our team of experts understand the many important aspects required of an efficient website, and we are happy to help you effectively showcase your business in a way that can help you pass that seven-second impression. Contact us today.