New Website for Cardinal Greenways

May 21, 2021

Whitinger Strategic Services recently announced the completion and launch of a new website for Cardinal Greenways at Cardinal Greenways was looking to modernize its website to better promote its award-winning trail while also highlighting the features, maps, and events. With this vision in mind, the website was built to capture the unique contribution that Cardinal Greenways offers the community.

The new website is designed in a way that is both appealing and efficient, providing greater ease in user navigation with a reconstructed main menu. The goal was to enhance the user experience by providing clear direction to content each user may be looking for when they visit the site. The website also provides convenience to those who are looking to attend CG events, as it has a section to share all yearly events, and even allows users to register for these events directly on the site.

The new site was designed to be mobile-friendly, and it provides an updated interactive trail map that offers convenient, on-the-go, usability to all iPhone and Android users.

“The original Cardinal Greenway site was doing the job but not as efficiently as it could with the many enhancements Cardinal Greenways has implemented since the site was developed. We approached this project thinking strategically of how Cardinal Greenways could serve the community who use the trail and provide a more well-defined way for patrons/donors to contribute, stated Lucas Tetrault, WSS Creative Director. “We care deeply about the story of Cardinal Greenways and are happy that we could provide them a new online home that not only gives them a fresh look but offers ease of accessibility to everyone who uses it.”