The Benefits of Investing in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a growing powerhouse in the business field for years. From its gentle start in email campaigns to its massive growth into the SEO realm, marketers in every field are recognizing the wide and still-growing reach of digital marketing campaigns.

Many believe that any company failing to immerse themselves in this digital world is missing out on a surplus of potential clients and customers. The companies who are hesitant to jump into the game are asking, “What really sets digital marketing apart from well-known traditional campaigns?” The world of digital marketing is wide-spread and different by industry; however, the benefits can be summed into the reach, the cost, and the measurements.


Five people (varying genders, ages, races) looking down at their phones.


For years marketers have worked to determine who reads what. Who reads this newspaper versus another? Who purchases this magazine, and who prefers the equivalent competitor? The follow-up question is, “Where does the mass of my target demographic fall”? The goal of any marketing campaign is not only to reach as many people as possible, but to reach as many relevant people as possible. In digital marketing, you are not only able to reach more people with a single campaign, but you are also able to set parameters for your reach based on marketing research and target demographic identification already conducted.


A money clip with five dollars on top.


At first glance, digital marketing may seem more tedious and costly than traditional and familiar forms of marketing, particularly when you begin to consult with agencies or explore the world of cost-per-click. The cost-effective results of digital marketing result in terms of ROI. When you can better target and directly market to this demographic, you will see that your efforts produce better results than advertising through print or radio where you are reaching a wide audience, but one often outside of your target. In the end, digital marketing will often allow you to receive better results while spending less.


Hands typing on a computer; computer screen is displaying statistics.


Perhaps one of the most unique benefits of digital marketing, when compared to traditional marketing efforts, is the ability to measure ROI more effectively and change strategy as needed. When an ad is placed in a newspaper, there is no way to accurately track how each person reacted and interacted with the information. With digital marketing, conversion codes and click structures are put in place to measure how many people clicked the ads, how many people viewed links, and how many people signed up as a result of the marketing tactic. This allows you to increase efforts where you see fit and decrease efforts in areas that are counter-productive to your goals.

Digital marketing is a tedious and ever-growing field. While just about every company sees the benefit of it, many are overwhelmed by the thought of working outside of their comfort zone to enter the digital realm.
If you are interested in expanding your efforts into digital marketing, but are fearful to take on the task alone, let us take the journey with you. At Whitinger Strategic Services, we are continually growing and learning about the new innovations in media marketing so that we can provide the most effective strategies possible to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your digital marketing goals.