about richard

- managing director -


Richard Crist is an accomplished executive leader and business consultant with a strong portfolio of business development successes. Richard has more than twenty-five years of experience working with companies in dozens of industries. In his role as Managing Director for Whitinger Strategic Services, he is responsible for client development and strategic consultation. Whitinger Strategic Services is a business development consulting firm focused on organizational growth and efficiency through three core services areas including; Strategic Planning, Organizational Alignment, and Brand Management.

Prior to forming Whitinger Strategic Services, Richard owned and operated Waymaker Consulting, a management consulting firm; and served as President of a multi-media company where he earned the reputation as an innovative leader with the ability to attract top talent and build high-performing, high-character teams.

Crist is a native of Muncie, Indiana, where he and his wife Jackie are raising two daughters. He is a graduate of Taylor University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Marketing.

Other current roles include Chief Operating Officer for Whitinger & Company where his responsibilities are to enhance the firm’s client service delivery, lead business development strategies, advance strategic initiatives and provide administrative leadership for day-to-day operations.

Richard is very involved in community organizations and activities and he currently serves on the board of directors for Minnetrista. His volunteer leadership has included work for organizations such as Taylor University, Ball State University, YMCA of Muncie, Muncie Mission Ministries, Hoosier Academy Charter School, Boys & Girls Club of Muncie, and the United Way of Delaware County.

Interesting tid-bits:

Favorite vacation spot?:

San Diego & New Hampshire are favorites, but anywhere we travel as a family are special places.

Do you collect anything?:

Watches, you can never have too many.

Pet peeve?:

Gotta be people driving slow in the passing lane. Sorry, I’m the guy on your bumper.

Do you have any kids?:

My wife and I have two daughters, Katy & Kelsey.