about megan

- graphic designer -


Megan has a strong artistic background and often integrates her knowledge of fine arts into her design work. Her primary responsibilities include client support such as graphic design and digital marketing. Additionally, she serves as the supporting designer for corporate identity projects, print projects such as annual reports and company brochures, as well as websites and social media.

Originally from Noblesville, Indiana, Megan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications from Ball State University. She is a member of the Indianapolis chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the professional association for design, and attends many community art events such as Muncie’s First Thursday.

Interesting tid-bits:

Favorite vacation spot?

I love big cities that have neighborhoods you can get familiar in; most recently I fell in love with Florence, Italy (see: ridiculous beaming face above)

What famous person would you like to meet (alive or dead)?

Andy Warhol!

 Pet peeve:

Chewing noises

Favorite channels on YouTube:

Bon Appetit, Drawfee, and Game Grumps!

Any collections?

I’m currently obsessed with enamel pins 🙌