The Story

RealAmerica develops and builds apartment housing throughout the state of Indiana through the use of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. Part of the development process when entering a new community is to inform and educate local officials and residents about Section 42 housing and its benefits to the residents and the surrounding community.


The Strategy

Having already completed numerous creative and strategic projects for RealAmerica, they reached out to our team to create a multi-use marketing video that would illustrate the types and quality of RealAmerica’s properties. We traveled across the state to several RealAmerica developments to gather video footage of the properties themselves, as well as their surrounding communities and residents. The key element of the overall presentation was the on-camera interview with RealAmerica’s CEO. This served as the narration and the primary way the “story” was told.

To highlight the scope and location of the properties, we included

aerial drone footage

alongside video that was filmed at eye level.


The End Result

Utilizing the vast amount of footage, we were able to produce two marketing videos that were presented at two different town hall meetings. The outcome of each deliberation resulted in approval of RealAmerica’s project and the subsequent economic development benefits these projects will bring.