WSS Facilitates Strategic Plan for the National Model Aviation Museum

August 25, 2020

A project team from the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) recently engaged Whitinger Strategic Services (WSS) to provide facilitation and planning assistance with the goal of creating a strategic plan for the National Model Aviation Museum that they run on their campus in Muncie, IN.

Through the strategic planning process, the WSS team helped the AMA team evaluate the programs and services offered through the Museum and the value they add for their members, their prospects, the local community, and the aviation community through internal discussion groups, extensive surveys with internal and external stakeholders, and industry research. This approach resulted in a better interpretation of the services they provide and with this enhanced clarity, the activities of the Museum can be tightly focused on providing the highest value to those who visit.


This investment of time on behalf of the staff and executive council resulted in an honest evaluation of the Museum’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external opportunities and threats present in the market today. This balanced approach was invaluable in setting strategic objectives that are both challenging, yet achievable. More specifically, they were seeking to define where the organization stood regarding capacity, market presence and overall effectiveness in serving their customers. Together, we helped the client establish strategic areas of focus including:


  1. Increase Number of Youth Engaged with the Museum
  2. Elevate Experience of Current Engaged Youth


  1. Raise Additional Funds
  2. Create Strategic Artifact Acquisition Plan
  3. Plan for Physical Building Utilization/Expansion/Remodel
  4. Increase Staffing


  1. Develop New Strategic Partnerships
  2. Maintain/Expand Current Partnerships


  1. Develop New, Robust Website for Museum
  2. Fully Utilize Virtual Museum Software

To ensure that our client can monitor their progress and connect daily activities in the coming few years to the high-level objectives in the plan, we provided them with a model for an annual operating plan. The document outlines a complete set of intermediate strategies and actionable tasks that are necessary to reach their goals in each focus area.

“The National Model Aviation Museum has a special place in the local community and within the aviation community,” stated Whitinger Strategic Services Managing Director, Richard Crist. “Our team was proud to assist them in better understanding the strengths they possess and the opportunities that are present for them to capitalize on, in a space where there is a large number of people who are passionate about the future of model aviation.”