New Brand for LifeStream Services

May 26, 2021

Whitinger Strategic Services recently completed the design of a new brand and logo for LifeStream Services Inc. LifeStream Services is a Yorktown-based not-for-profit that works to provide services and programs to assist seniors and people with disabilities, so they have the opportunity to remain independent. They approached Whitinger Strategic Services looking to revamp their logo and overall brand after recognizing that it had been over 20 years since their branding had been a point of discussion. Their leadership not only recognized growth and shift in their own services offered through the years but also in the industry in general, which led to the decision that an updating of their brand was important.

The first step of the process was to identify a new logo and tagline. Whitinger Strategic Services worked collaboratively with LifeStream Services to identify a theme that could capture the tone they were aiming for.

“Working with the LifeStream group was a true delight. The team they assembled came in with plenty of ideas and was ready to develop a plan to push their brand and identity forward. Taking time to ask the right questions, listen, and create a logo for an organization that had been using something for 20 years was no small task,” stated Whitinger Strategic Creative Director, Lucas Tetrault. “Everyone that was a part of it was ready to make sure that LifeStream came away with exactly the right look and feel they were after. It was a collaborative effort all the way to the end and one we were proud to be a part of.”

Lucas identified the need for the new look to have a sense of “energy” and “life” to not only speak to those whom LifeStream serves, but also to the friends and families of these individuals. The aim was to make this brand approachable and relatable while still being fresh and unique.

This led to the idea of combining a wordmark and an actual mark. This, combined with flowing text and drawn serifs, and topped with a checkmark, helped to pull together the design concept that all parties were looking to capture.

The result was a refreshing new look that captures the theme of joy: the joy of life and the joy of meeting people in every part of the journey. The hope of this message was to capture the idea that no matter the age or desire of the individual, LifeStream Services is dedicated to providing the right information, resources, and support for improving the quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities.


Once the logo and color combination was finalized, WSS provided LifeStream with a comprehensive brand guide and redesigned numerous communication pieces including stationery, business cards, social media profiles, email marketing designs, and various newsletters and brochures. The next step in the rebranding process is the design and development of a new website that Whitinger Strategic Services is currently developing.


LifeStream’s new brand, as well as their updated messaging and values, can be found at