New Website and Branding for Munsee Meats

January 22, 2021

A company that has been around since 1957, Munsee Meats has stood the test of time and continues to provide a wide variety of fresh meat to local businesses and consumers. WSS wanted to approach this new logo with that testament in mind. You’ll see that the type treatment is a classic font with a modern twist, the letters have been broken apart creating more interest while utilizing ligatures (which add an element reminiscent of a lasso used by a cowboy) that give it that intricate and custom feel. This combination of old and new helps showcase the transition from the Munsee Meats people might remember to the more recent ownership and vision of the brand new Munsee Meats! Further inspection will reveal a custom mark created within the logo – the ‘M’ from “Meats” has been detailed with a knife rather than a standard leg that slices in through the hairline. This ‘M’ mark can then be used as a standalone element that helps with branding such as profile icons.

We also included a tagline that can be used in conjunction with the logo if necessary. The tagline is playful and impactful at the same time – showcasing Munsee Meats as the “local choice” no matter your location and also playing on the term “choice” being used within the context of meat. Finally, it adds the significance of Munsee Meats being in business since 1957.

Once the logo was completed, WSS strategized with Munsee Meats and facilitated the brand roll out by creating brand assets that utilized the new ‘M’ mark, a new website complete with an e-commerce solution, new building signage, new directional signage, freezer graphics, fleet designs, and the brand new Automated Farmers Market design. Using pictures of meat, textures of wood and other raw elements helped give that down to earth feel to Munsee Meats that the new owners were after while providing the professional and updated look to an outdated brand. We’re very pleased with our partnership with Munsee Meats and continue to provide them with marketing support on upcoming projects.