New Brand, Logo, and Website for Muncie Sports Commission

February 25, 2021

Whitinger Strategic Services recently announced the design and launch of a new brand, logo, and website for the Muncie Sports Commission. The sleek, easy-to-navigate, website, as well as the new logo and branding, can be found at

This project began to take root in the Fall of 2020 when Muncie Sports Commission engaged with Whitinger Strategic Services requesting assistance with new a strategic direction and brand management. Before this collaboration, The Muncie Sports Commission lacked any definitive brand or set of corresponding marketing materials. The organization further recognized a need for this distinctive look and tone of messaging as they looked to enhance current and future partnerships with sports-minded entities within Delaware County and organizations looking to bring sports-related events to Muncie.

Together, Whitinger Strategic Services and Muncie Sports Commission were able to establish a refreshed vision for the Muncie-based organization through a reimagined brand portfolio and strategically crafted messaging. The organization chose to seize this rebranding opportunity to replace their previous Mission Statement with a new Purpose Statement – To attract, create, host, and support sporting events and recreational opportunities for Delaware County. They also clarified their Vision into a Passion Statement – To increase economic vitality, improve quality of life, promote healthy lifestyles, and brand Delaware County as a great sports community.


The next step was to develop a logo. When looking into similar commissions, the team realized that a generalized logo was not a common factor among other commissions, allowing another unique opportunity for the Muncie Sports Commission. WSS combined the symbolism of a torch from both the Olympics and Indiana’s state flag with the intensity and energy of a lightning bolt to create the mark. Once the logo was designed, WSS developed social media images and designed the website.


Whitinger Strategic Services Creative Director, Lucas Tetrault, helped to spearhead this unique project. The rebranding posed a variety of challenges, as the team worked to avoid appealing to any single school, sport, or franchise over another. Therefore, the goal became to create a brand that clearly indicated a sports-affiliated organization but was also representative of everyone and every sport. The first step in creating this more universal brand was to remove all color from the logo to create a simple black and white logo that works on a variety of applications and is accessible to multiple different markets.

“It’s not very often you come across an opportunity to develop a sports brand that isn’t geared towards one specific sport. We welcomed the challenge and I’m proud of what our team was able to put together for the Muncie Sports Commission. Combining photography direction, a strong, neutral color palette, and a completely new logo, we have set up this organization’s brand to create an impact in our community,” stated Tetrault.