How the Google My Business App Can Help Your Small Business

Everyone knows the name “Google” and recognizes the software conglomerate as a ruler of Silicon Valley. Realistically, SEO and the Google game have become an essential aspect of any well-defined marketing plan. Many believe that a business, big or small, will never make it if they do not appear in the top ranks of a Google search. Many are also aware of Google Ads, a program that allows businesses to bid on keywords in order to appear in more Google searches. While Google Ads is incredibly beneficial for the large businesses that can afford to bid higher on the more common search terms, many small businesses suffer in this game due to a lack of budget.

These small businesses typically find it more beneficial to invest more time into the organic search side of Google. However, a lot of businesses do not understand the actual control they can have of their business’ results, even with free organic SEO, using Google’s free application Google My Business. This free, internet-based service for business owners may drastically increase your reach and presence in the SEO realm in a variety of ways.


Hands holding a phone with a Google map of Muncie.


“Near me” is a very common tail added to a variety of keywords. When someone is looking for a product or service, they typically want it to be located near where they are. Google My Business allows you to display your address, allowing your ads to show front and center when a search is relevant in terms of both content and location. This locality and convenience can drastically increase the number of in-person visits you experience.


A screenshot of a Google search with the results slightly blurred out and darker, and the business info to the right is crisp and in color.

Essential Information

It is important to note that people searching Google are looking for fast results. The more they have to dig to find relevant information, the more likely they are to leave your site or ignore your ad entirely. Whether you choose to share store hours, directions, or photos of your business, the Google My Business app allows you to display this essential information on the ads, saving the viewer time. In most cases, the searcher will gravitate toward the ad that provides upfront information, and avoid the businesses that will make them enter the website and dig for the information they are seeking.


Hand holding a phone with the Google My Business app, open to a screen of analytics.

Customer Insight

From a marketing research standpoint, the Google My Business app will provide essential data about your target demographic. By utilizing this app, you will be able to see a surplus of valuable information including the general age, gender, and location of the people viewing your ad. In addition, you can have a better understanding of what this demographic is looking for based on the search terms used to find your ad. When considering marketing research, Google My Business could be a possible one-stop-shop, providing a plethora of information, and containing it all in a single convenient space.

While many are aware of paid Google Ads, and are possibly spending thousands of dollars a month to optimize their search engine presence, very few know to utilize this helpful and free Google app.
If you think Google My Business might be the next step to help your unique small business, contact us today and allow our experienced staff help you to reach your marketing and SEO goals.