Full-Time Position for Account Manager

January 21, 2015

Whitinger Strategic Services is Looking for a Full-Time Account Manager

Whitinger Strategic Services AccountManagers work directly with WSS clients and serve as the primary point of contact for all service delivery. Delivering an outstanding client experience through exceptional service is the ultimate goal. To achieve the highest results, individuals must possess outstanding written & verbal communication skills. They must also be able to stay organized while managing multiple projects. Primary areas of responsibility include meeting with clients, developing and implementing marketing plans, assisting on strategic planning engagements, professional writing, oversight of projects, and report development. Attention to detail is a must to insure all work is accurate and complete.

Whitinger Strategic Services is a business development firm that offers a variety of consulting services to help organizations grow in effectiveness, both internally and in the marketplace. Backed by a strong portfolio of business development experience, Whitinger Strategic Services strives to provide organizations with the insight to understand the reasoning, purpose, and desired outcomes of each crucial decision before they are made.We specialize in Strategic Planning, Brand Management and Organizational Alignment.Whitinger Strategic Services LLC is part of the Whitinger group of companies including Whitinger & Company LLC and Whitinger Financial Advisors LLC.