Five Ways to be Strategic in Your Hiring Process

Adding a new member to your team is no simple task. Hiring an employee is a huge investment in terms of both money and time, making it particularly hard if someone is simply not a fit. When it comes to hiring, attention to detail and strategic methodology is essential. Before you enter the hiring process to fill an opening, consider these five recommendations:

1. Understand Your Needs

One of the biggest errors that we see in the hiring process comes from companies seeking out someone to fill a role, but not first identifying the specific needs of the company and the position. Before you entire the hiring process, it is important to determine what needs your company has, and what skill set will help to fill these needs. It is important to establish what these qualifications might look like in the form of an official Job Description, and what qualities are non-negotiable for the company needs to be met by the hired individual.


2. Understand Your Current Staff

When considering the type of person who will fit your company culture, it is essential to first consider the qualities of your current staff. Not all personality types or working styles mesh well together. By understanding your current staff, you can have a better understanding of what types of personalities work well together in your environment, and you will be able to tailor your search toward these qualities.


3. Automate What You Can

Many organizations experience high volumes of responses to job postings. This can be overwhelming and can disrupt the task of decision making. Once you have your list of key qualities based on company needs, use these qualities as a guideline to set an automation filter to weed out those applicants who do not meet the necessary criteria. This will help you avoid wasting time on underqualified candidates so that your time can be more productively spent getting to know the applicants that fit the criteria necessary for the role. There are many management systems available today to help with this process.


4. Allow the Team to be Hands-On

It is important for current employees who will be working in tandem with the new candidate to have a voice in the hiring decision. While it is easy to allow a recruiter or hiring manager to seek out credible applicants, when it comes down to the last lines of interviews, you will want to allow others to want the candidate you consider should heed the discernment of those who will be working with the new hire every day.


5. Look for Working Styles Different Than Your Own

While it is important that the working style and personality of a new hire does not conflict with company culture, it is also essential to seek diversity when adding a new team member. See this hire as an opportunity to add another voice to the team. While it is natural to feel drawn to those who are like us, it is important to seek out someone who can add new and fresh ideas to your organization.

The hiring process can be a tedious aspect for any business, but it is essential that a careful process is in place to ensure that company needs are met by the individual chosen to fill an available role.
If you are looking for a company to spearhead your hiring process for an important role or project, contact us today. Our experts will work diligently alongside hiring managers to ensure that the person chosen is the right fit for your unique company culture.