WSS Facilitates Strategic Plan for Bridges Community Services

August 12, 2020

Bridges Community Services recently secured the services of Whitinger Strategic Services (WSS) to facilitate a strategic planning process that will ensure the continued relevance and growth of the organization. WSS worked with Bridges’ board members, staff, and key external stakeholders in the area to develop a comprehensive three-year plan.

The project began with the development of survey questions and an extensive data gathering process completed through online surveys, phone interviews, and focus groups. After connecting with both internal and external stakeholder groups, Whitinger Strategic Services completed a thorough analysis and summarization of the stakeholder feedback which was then delivered to the Board of Directors and Management in a comprehensive report. Additionally, WSS hosted an online planning retreat for Bridges Board Members and Management Staff. From this session, the organizations Mission & Vision statements were enhanced, comprehensive focus areas were identified, and specific goals were developed.

Whitinger Strategic Services used their experience in strategy, branding, and communication to provide a plan that, when implemented, will improve the overall effectiveness and awareness of the organization.

“Bridges Community Services does so much important work to help those who are experiencing homelessness in not just Delaware County but numerous surrounding counties. Our team was privileged to work with them to create a strategic plan that is both challenging and achievable,” state WSS Managing Director, Richard Crist. “We believe this plan will nurture the work they are currently doing in the community while also cultivating more opportunities to fulfill their mission.”