Our 2020 Top Ten Countdown

- January 25, 2021 -

Our 2020 Top Ten Countdown

(in no particular order!)

As we transition into 2021, we wanted to look back and celebrate just a few of the spectacular clients we had and the projects that we accomplished this year.

#10: Thompson Group Cards

The Thompson Group came to us with a “different” idea for a marketing project, something that we took on with great enthusiasm. Anson Thompson, the Co-Owner of TTG, wanted to wow potential clients and excite existing customers with a box. But not just any box, a box that when opened it would speak to the culture and brand of the Thompson Group and also have that little something extra. Being familiar with Anson and the way that The Thompson Group liked to market their insurance services, we knew right away that coming up with designs similar to old 60’s and 70’s concert posters would be a hit. What resulted was a series of cards in that same concept, that included illustrations that helped to showcase each service being highlighted on each individual card. The finishing touch was a large question mark on the box, creating that sense of curiosity and begging the customer to open it. After the project completed, the owners liked the card illustrations so much that they used them on the website for the same service areas.

#9: YOC newsletter redesign

The Youth Opportunity Center uses mailers, social media, and newsletters to keep communication open with their patrons and the surrounding community. 2020 saw the introduction of a new newsletter created by the YOC Foundation that intended to have more emphasis on stories both about the YOC staff and success stories from the kids at the YOC. The look and feel of the newsletter was created in an effort to try and make it seem almost more like a magazine to keep on your coffee table, in order to read again and again. The result was a publication that helped usher in the new brand approach with stunning photography and vibrant colors and ultimately reflected more of what the YOC wanted to achieve.

#8: AMA Strategic Plan

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) engaged WSS to provide facilitation and planning assistance with the goal of creating a strategic plan for the National Model Aviation Museum on their campus in Muncie. Through the strategic planning process, the WSS team helped the AMA evaluate the programs and services offered through the Museum and the value they add for their members, their prospects, the local community, and the aviation community through internal discussion groups, extensive surveys with internal and external stakeholders, and industry research.

This investment of time on behalf of the staff and the executive council of the AMA resulted in an honest evaluation of the Museum’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external opportunities and threats present in the market today. This balanced approach was invaluable in setting strategic objectives that are both challenging, yet achievable. More specifically, they were seeking to define where the organization stood regarding capacity, market presence, and overall effectiveness in serving their customers. Together, we helped the client establish strategic focus areas that will guide the organization over the next five years.

#7: Property Pros fleet, yard signs, flyers, and postcards

As a newly branded company, Property Pros was truly a blank canvas to work with. They were in need of not only the usual collateral such as flyers, postcards, and signage, but also a more unusual one: truck wraps, on both pickups and trailers. Using their website, logo, and colors as inspiration, we decided on a look that included broad flowing curves, echoing the curves in the logomark, as well as geometric color blocking, to keep things interesting while still highly readable to those driving by a car or sign.

Throughout all of the pieces for Property Pros, we used graphics that would be recognizable whether they’d seen the other pieces or not. The icons for each service area on the flyer and postcard are echoed on the website. The photography highlights many real jobs done by Property Pros. The call to action bursts are eye-catching and straightforward, encouraging action without feeling too much like a sales pitch. All of these elements combine into a brand that is trustworthy yet modern, and these pieces work together to establish a more concrete vision of the Property Pros brand going forward.

#6: Maizenta and Encompass logos

During our creative brainstorming meeting, many terms such as LEGACY, COMMUNITY, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, and CELTIC HERITAGE stood out as important and relevant to what Katadyn is looking to do with both the Maizenta and Encompass brands. Our goal was to create logos that would blend all of these concepts together in a cohesive and professional way.

For Maizenta, the result is a mark that is strong, clean, symmetrical, and balanced with a color palette that is both soft and bold. The mark is a play on Katadyn’s strong tie to her Celtic heritage, it showcases the love for her son with a subtle heart shape, and the interwoven bands suggest the community of women bringing their chairs to the center of the table. What is formed is an identity that will stand the test of time and will create a lasting legacy and pave the way for what is to come.

The triquetra symbol ended up being perfect for Encompass. The three pieces of this symbol represent a balance, as well as protection of the hearth and female empowerment. To make the triquetra our own, we’ve incorporated the symbol of a home, grounded onto the central triangle. This speaks to the emotional meaning of a home – family, peace, and love – as well as its physical structure – a triangle being the strongest geometrical shape.

#5: Munsee Meats logo, brand, and collateral designs

A company that has been around since 1957, Munsee Meats has stood the test of time and continues to provide a wide variety of fresh meat to local businesses and consumers. WSS wanted to approach this new logo with that testament in mind. You’ll see that the type treatment is a classic font with a modern twist, the letters have been broken apart creating more interest while utilizing ligatures (which add an element reminiscent of a lasso used by a cowboy) that give it that intricate and custom feel. This combination of old and new helps showcase the transition from the Munsee Meats people might remember to the more recent ownership and vision of the brand new Munsee Meats! Further inspection will reveal a custom mark created within the logo – the ‘M’ from “Meats” has been detailed with a knife rather than a standard leg that slices in through the hairline. This ‘M’ mark can then be used as a standalone element that helps with branding such as profile icons etc.

We also included a tagline that can be used in conjunction with the logo if necessary. The tagline is playful and impactful at the same time – showcasing Munsee Meats as the “local choice” no matter your location and also playing on the term “choice” being used within the context of meat. Finally, it adds the significance of Munsee Meats being in business since 1957.

Once the logo was completed, WSS strategized with Munsee Meats and facilitated the brand roll out by creating brand assets that utilized the new ‘M’ mark, a new website complete with an e-commerce solution, new building signage, new directional signage, freezer graphics, fleet designs, and the brand new Automated Farmers Market design. Using pictures of meat, textures of wood and other raw elements helped give that down to earth feel to Munsee Meats that the new owners were after while providing the professional and updated look to an outdated brand. We’re very pleased with our partnership with Munsee Meats and continue to provide them with marketing support on upcoming projects.

#4: Bridges logo and strategic plan

In 2020, we assisted Bridges Community Services with two projects significant to their long-term success. We refreshed their brand through the implementation of a new, modernized logo, and we facilitated a multi-year strategic plan for them.

Our Creative Director, Lucas Tetrault, took the lead in designing a logo that represented Bridges and the work they do by creating a mark that is a simple combination of the letters “B”, “C”, and “S”. Knowing that many people refer to Bridges Community Services as “the Hub”, a place where people collectively gather, the letters utilizing a common shape creates a mark that represents that idea of a “collective community”. The mark also incorporates some distressing, which symbolizes hardship, imperfections, and struggle. Lastly, the design is complemented with a warm red tone to help give that sense of “service” that people would identify with and be pulled into easily.

The strategic planning project was initiated to ensure the continued relevance and growth of the organization. After connecting with both internal and external stakeholder groups, Whitinger Strategic Services completed a thorough analysis and summarization of the stakeholder feedback which was then delivered to the Board of Directors and Management in a comprehensive report. Additionally, WSS hosted an online planning retreat for Bridges Board Members and Management Staff. From this session, the organization’s Mission & Vision statements were enhanced, comprehensive focus areas were identified, and specific goals were developed.

#3: Children’s Museum Capital Campaign

Muncie Children’s Museum has been a wonderful attraction in our community, serving as a safe, creative environment where children can learn through play. In 2020, it was decided that they would undergo a capital campaign to invest in improving the exhibits and facilities to include new, interactive, and educational ways for children to have fun.

WSS was excited to work alongside MCM to determine a theme for their campaign. Conversations focused on the idea of discovery, exploration, and the educational components the Museum offers young children in our community. With that, we decided the theme would be “More to Explore”. Creative Director Lucas Tetrault ran with this theme to create a campaign logo that embodied adventure and exploration. He created original lettering for the word “Explore” while incorporating “X marks the spot”, a compass, and a trail into the logo. All these details reflect playfulness while also incorporating a journey of fun and education through the museum.

Once the theme and logo were completed, WSS continued to implement these pieces into a case for support, a campaign website, stationery, business cards, and additional handouts. This project sets the Muncie Children’s Museum’s capital campaign apart from the rest, and we look forward to continually supporting them as they blaze a trail to campaign success!

#2: IC Biz Starts Here campaign

For the Biz Starts Here campaign logo, we created a mark that is confident, enthusiastic, and streamlined. The format also ties in with the existing Innovation Connector brand, with the square boundaries and clean, sans-serif text. In shape psychology, squares are often equated to being organized, trustworthy, and efficient. Yellow is associated with optimism, energy, and warmth, while black is powerful, bold, and ambitious. This logo depicts a brand that is dedicated to its cause and ready to empower those who learn more about it.

Because the graphic is self-contained and utilizes bold text, it looks just as distinct on social media as it does on a window decal. The colors and subtle diagonal lines make this theme easily identifiable, while also keeping things personable with the use of real Innovation Connector event photos.

#1: Meridian Rialzo Magazine

Meridian Health Services has been serving our community for over 50 years and is a leader in “whole-person” healthcare. WSS has had the privilege of working with them for the past 2 years on their annual “party with a purpose”, Rialzo. This event supports Meridian’s Maternal Treatment Program. The 2020 theme was derby-inspired: Off to the Races – the Race Against Addiction.

With the derby theme in place, we were tasked to implement the theme and create a magazine highlighting the many trips and auction items that would be up for grabs the night of their event. Since the Kentucky Derby immediately comes to mind, we used imagery reminiscent of the big hats, bright floral prints, southern charm, and derby traditions throughout the 28-page magazine. The cover was inspired by Southern Living Magazine, using an interior shot of one of America’s oldest resorts, The Greenbriar – one of the trips available that evening!

With the impact of COVID-19, Rialzo was canceled in 2020 and rescheduled for 2021. With the completed piece ready, we believe the magazine captures the excitement of the derby race and will be integral in helping Meridian raise money for such a worthy cause.

Thank you for another great year! We’re looking forward to 2021, and all that this new year will bring.